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Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability



On Estimation of Weibull-Gamma parameters based on hybrid Type-II censoring scheme

Rashad Mohammed EL-Sagheer,
Abstract :
In this paper point and interval estimations of the parameters of Weibull-Gamma populations based on Type-II hybrid censoring scheme are obtained. The maximum likelihood and Bayes methods are used to obtain point estimations for the distribution parameters. The Bayes estimators cannot be obtained explicitly, hence Lindleys approximation is used to obtain the Bayes estimators. Furthermore, Markov Chain Monte Carlo technique is used to obtain the Bayes estimators and their corresponding credible intervals. The results of Bayes estimators are computed under the squared error loss function. An explanatory example is given to explicate the precision of the estimators.


Some Median Type Estimators to Estimate the Finite Population Mean

Javid Shabbir,
Abstract :
On the lines of Bahl and Tuteja (1991) and Grover and Kaur (2011) we propose new median based estimator to estimate f nite population mean in absence of the auxiliary variable. By using median approach the expressions for bias and mean squared error (MSE) are derived up to rst order approximation. In empirical and simulation study the comparison of median based proposed class of estimators with sample mean, ratio and linear regression estimators are discussed.

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