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Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability



Computing The Moments Of Order Statistics From Nonidentically Distributed Marshall-Olkin Extended Burr XII Random Variables

Mohammad Gharib,
Abstract :
Order statistics (os) for independent non-identically distributed (inid) random variables (rvs) is widely discussed in the literature, see, for example, Balakrishnan (1994), Balakrishnon and Subramanian (1995), Barakat and Abdelkader (2004) and Jamjoom and Al-Saiary (2011). In this paper a recurrence relation is established for computing all single moments of all os arising from inid Marshall-Olkin extended Burr XII (MOEB XII) rvs. Another proof for the independent identical distributed (iid) rvs case is also presented and numerical examples are given.


Some Median Type Estimators to Estimate the Finite Population Mean

Javid Shabbir,
Abstract :
On the lines of Bahl and Tuteja (1991) and Grover and Kaur (2011) we propose new median based estimator to estimate f nite population mean in absence of the auxiliary variable. By using median approach the expressions for bias and mean squared error (MSE) are derived up to rst order approximation. In empirical and simulation study the comparison of median based proposed class of estimators with sample mean, ratio and linear regression estimators are discussed.

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