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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences Letters
An International Journal



Ratio estimators for estimating Population Mean in simple random sampling using auxiliary information

Mir Subzar, S Maqbool, T A Raja,
Abstract :
The present study was taken in consideration to propose new modified ratio estimators for estimating population mean in simple random sampling using the auxiliary information of non-conventional location parameters such as Tri-Mean, Mid-Range Hodges-Lehmann with coefficient of kurtosis and coefficient of skewness. The properties associated with the proposed estimators are assessed by mean square error and bias. For illustration an empirical study is provided, which confirms that our proposed estimators are more efficient than the existing estimators.


An advanced count data model with Applications in Genetics

Zahoor Ahmad,
Abstract :
The present paper introduces an advanced count model which is obtained by compounding generalized negative binomial distribution with Kumaraswamy distribution. The proposed model has several properties such as it can be nested to different existing compound distributions on specific parameter setting. Similarity of the proposed model with existing compound distribution has been shown by means of reparameterization. The properties of the new model are discussed and explicit expressions are derived for the factorial moments. Further method of moments and maximum likelihood estimation is used to evaluate the moments. The potentiality of the proposed model has been tested by chi-square goodness of fit test by modeling the real world count data sets from genetics.

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